A Broken Soul

Carolyn doesn’t know how to take the comment, “is he joking or serious.”

All of a sudden, Rodney Sr. starts laughing.

Carolyn is relieved and starts laughing also.

The bus leaves on Friday and I’ll make sure the boys are fed and are in the house and the house is clean.” Carolyn is rambling on and on.

“I’ll take care of the boys; they need to spend time with me so I can make a man out of them.”

Carolyn suddenly feels nervous about leaving the boys with her alone with him. The last time she did it. He took them to the police station and put them in a cell so they can know what it feels like to be locked up. Corey pissed the bed for a month, Edwin had nightmares, and Rodney Jr. became depressed and withdrawn.

“Carolyn we need to save some money for hard times with Regan as President; black folks looking at some hard times ahead.

“Do you think they’ll lay you off,” ask Carolyn?

“No they never lay off cops besides have you seen the news; every day they lock up people and it’s our people Carolyn. If I wasn’t a cop I would probably be in jail too,” Rodney Sr. looks at his wife with intensity, “that’s why I’m so hard on those boys because I don’t want my sons in jail or bums in the street.”

Carolyn nods her head in agreement, “I understand honey.”