Nina turns her head and fans the air with her hand, “girl your breath smells like a bar.”

Terri’s words are slurred, “What the fuck you expect, a bitch is drunk as hell.”

Devona and Otichia laugh.

Kamal just so happens to be leaving at the same time and he sees the women getting into a limo.

Right before the Limousine pulls off Terri sees Kamal standing in front of the club alone and watching as the limo pulls off.

Kamal waves bye and blows a kiss to Terri but he’s not sure if she can see him.

Terri does see him, "he blew me a kiss, what the hell."

"I think he likes you, Terri," says Nina.

Terri takes her shoes off and leans her head on Nina’s shoulder.

“Do not throw up on me Terri.”

Terri closes her eyes and ignores Nina.

The twenty-minute ride to Terri's house felt like two minutes because she went right to sleep.

“Terri, Terri, wake up you’re at home.”

“Damn that was fast, okay I’m getting out.”

Her drunken voice is softer than her regular voice.

All of the women are drunk but it is clear the birthday girl had more to drink.

The limo driver walks around to open the door and after seeing Terri stumble he decides to walk her up to her door.

Not even the cool brisk air could straighten Terri up.

"Thank you, sir; this is very nice of you,"

The driver smiles and waits for her to put her key in the door and then he walks away.

"I got to pee," Terri runs to the bathroom and realizes she has on a jumpsuit, she crosses her legs, runs around in circles in the bathroom all while trying to get the back zipper down. “Dammit.”

It’s too late; she feels the hot piss running down her leg. “That’s it, no more jumpers,” After all the beer and alcohol has run down her leg now she was able to unzip her clothes

Terri didn't think about taking a shower; all she wants to do is get in her bed and sleep.