The racists in Hagerstown, MD weren’t ready for me.

We unload from the van, I remember looking around at the grounds and thinking to myself, this doesn’t look like a prison. The healthy lawn was perfectly manicured and you could hear a pin drop, that’s how quiet it was, nothing like Jessup, Md.

The difference between a prison run by a white Warden versus a Black Warden is a big difference and it was evident.

A tall-lanky gray hair old looking white lieutenant was standing next to a chubby white sergeant with black hair. Their smiles and demeanor said, “welcome Niggers” but their words, “Welcome to Hagerstown Correctional Facility

As soon as I entered the classroom, I saw that the Jessup crew was not alone for training. The classroom already had new training officers and they were all white snow possums and all females. The stench of racism was in the air, it was so thick I could cut it with a knife.

They took us on a tour of each facility, and I kept waiting to see some people of color that worked there. Finally, I saw one black person in a uniform with a white hairnet on his head, and he was the Dietary Sergeant, I shook my head, “Damn we are in the kitchen once again.”

“You mean to tell me that the only African American person working here is in the damn kitchen this was some racist bull shit for real,” I thought to myself.

The dietary Sergeant looked at us, he spoke, and we spoke back. I wanted to have a conversation with him some kind of bad, “I know you’re glad to see us,” but I didn’t say anything.