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     I didn’t give much thought to how a career choice of that magnitude could and would alter my life forever. I was young and adventurous and I believed I could build a foundation for my family. The only thing I knew about prisons were the visiting room and what I heard therefore I thought to myself, “How hard can it be.” I was a delusional twenty-four-year-old young person and I was not prepared for what was about to open my eyes to the world.

     My eyes were opened on the first day I stepped foot inside the Maryland House of Corrections medium security prison in Jessup, Maryland. I walked into a jungle and the only weapon I had was my street smarts and yet I was no match for the career criminals or the innocent men that would cross my path daily.  I fell in love, I was humiliated, I broke some rules and I knocked at deaths door all in five short years. 


Jackson, MS, the home of racism, bigotry, and social injustice and Brandi Davis wants to make a change in her community. At 26 she becomes the youngest and only female African American news anchor for WBAL. She sees this as a stepping stone to make a change and let the Black voice be heard. No doubt Jackson is not ready for her but Brandi Davis will not be stopped.​

Rodney Batchler Jr. has his mind, heart, and soul on the NBA but he’s going to have to go through hell to get there.

The two-parent household feels more like a prison to Rodeny Jr and his two brothers, however, the three of them are determined to escape the hellish conditions. Rodney Jr. Edwin and Corey are able to break free but their minds are being held captive

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Let The Truth BE Told

Claudia Ellison lives in Baltimore, MD, a nice nasty young lady that has a set of rules for everyone else but none for herself. 

 Claudia finds herself a familiar complex situation and her actions could cost her her good-girl reputation.  Follow Claudia Ellison and the rest of  Ellison family as they try to untangle a web of lies

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Karma Series

KARMA 1& 2

Elston has just stepped into a promising career that could take him further economically, now that his future is financially secure he can ask his longtime girlfriend to marry him. Elston jeopardizes his career and relationships by drinking, driving, and a hit and run. Only one person can identify Elston as the driver and she ends up dead. Elston is on the hook for murder and everything he has worked for is stripped from him. His fall takes him to a low he didn’t think he could ever sink to.   Elston's selfishness will affect his entire family in ways he would have never imagined.  One night drinking led to calamity. 

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