“There isn’t any secret. You sit down and you start and that’s it.” - Elmore Leonard

Hi, I am Author Antoinette R. Davis, I started writing novels in 2010 and it was not easy getting my foot in the door. I didn't have Google, Amazon KDP or Grammarly, it was just me and my computer. Marketing, editing and creating were very expensive, and every publishing company was charging an arm and a leg and I could not afford it. However, I did not let anything stop me even though there were times I was frustrated.

Times have changed and we don't have to rely on big publishing companies to get our books out to the masses. I can show you how to create your book from scratch, and get you on your way to publishing your first novel.  

Book Review  $100.00

Book Editing 

 **Copy editing $12.00 per page

**Proofreading $10.00 per page

Amazon KDP

**Upload to Kindle Vella $25.00

**Upload book set up $100.00

**Upload kindle set up $100.00

**Complete Author central $100.00

**Package deal is available upon request

Consultation $500.00

How to:

Start writing



Use social media

Use Microsoft word